Dr. Dev Swarup

Dr. Dev Swarup currently holds the position of Vice-Chancellor (Additional Charge) at “ The Vishwakarma Skills University”Jaipur, formerly known as “The Rajasthan ILD Skills University,”Jaipur. He also serves as the Vice-Chancellor of Baba Amte Divyang University, Jaipur.

Dr. Dev Swarup's illustrious journey is a testament to his exceptional acumen in academic administration and visionary leadership. With an extensive career spanning multifaceted roles, his contributions resonate as a symphony of excellence in higher education. Notably, his distinguished tenure as founder Vice -Chancellor at various esteemed institutions, including the Baba Amte Divyang University and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Law University, Jaipur, stands as a resplendent example of transformative leadership.

Dr. Swarup's administrative finesse radiates through his tenure of over a decade as Additional Secretary and Joint Secretary at the University Grants Commission, a pinnacle of academic governance. His ability to navigate complex challenges with precision and his pioneering initiatives in governance, curriculum design, and affiliation processes have been keystones in elevating institutions to pinnacles of eminence.

A luminary in policy formulation, Dr. Swarup's imprints grace committees of paramount importance, including MHRD, Planning Commission, UGC, and ICSSR. His far-reaching influence extends globally, with representations on international platforms in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and the Sultanate of Oman. 
This confluence of experience and international outlook uniquely positions him as a torchbearer in Area Studies and Internationalization of Higher Education.

Beyond administrative prowess, Dr. Swarup's academic brilliance shines with a distinguished D.Litt and Ph.D. in Social Sciences. His prowess extends to the academic arena, as exemplified by his role as a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, University of Calcutta. His eloquence reverberates on national and international stages, captivating audiences and igniting intellectual discourse.

A visionary and transformative leader, Dr. Swarup's legacy at the University of Rajasthan is a saga of revitalization. Under his aegis, the institution rekindled its historical grandeur, surmounting challenges with unwavering resolve. Through strategic reforms, he harmonized governance, enhanced curriculum design, and pioneered transparent affiliation processes. Notably, his resolve led to the resolution of longstanding litigation, underlining his commitment to the institution's well-being.

Dr. Swarup's indomitable spirit transcends boundaries, galvanizing faculty and students alike. His tireless dedication, paired with his innate affinity for fostering innovation, has enriched the educational landscape. His footprint, etched in the annals of the University of Rajasthan, bears the stamp of a transformative leader whose legacy continues to resonate .

Dr. Dev Swarup’s confluence of competence, conviction, integrity, and visionary insight is bound to take this University to great heights.