General Elective

General Elective 4th Semester

GE6B102 Anthropology of Rajasthan
GE6B255 Waste management system
GE6B275 Digital Design
Waste Management
Waste Management GE6B255
Western, modern & Contemporary art 4th GE6B234


General Elective 6th Semester

Advance Mechanical Workshop GE7B266
Business Budgeting GE7B063 (Practical)
Cost Accounting
Cultural History of India GE7B109
Cultural Studies
Digital Communication GE7B278
Digital Marketing fundamentals syllabus
International Business GE7B081
Introduction to globalization GE7B105
Photography GE7B240(PRACTICAL)
Wood and Stone Carving GE7B238 BIO STATISTICS(7B134P)
Electronic Trading in Financial Markets (7B075P)
List of GENERAL Elective for 6TH SEM
Sustainable Development and UN Sustainable Development Goals (7B036T)


General Elective 7th Semester

Personnel Management and Entrepreneurship
Principles of Management
Business Policy and Strategic Management
Western Philosophy


General Elective 8th Semester

Managerial Economics
Research Project Design & Methodology


Tentative List of Suggested General Courses for Third Semester Pavas Examination 2020

S. No. Course Name Course S. No.
1 Fundamentals of English Grammar & Vocabulary GE6P005
2 Understanding English Literature- Poetry GE6P007
3 fgUnh lkfgR;& dfork GE6P017
4 Indian Political System & Politics GE6P031
5 Gandhian Thoughts GE6P033
6 Local Administration in Rajasthan GE6P053
7 Financial Accounting GE6P058
8 GST in India GE6P060
9 Taxation and Security Market GE6P076
10 Tourism GE6P078
11 Introduction to Mass Communication GE6P112
12 Copywriting GE6P114
13 Environment, Development & Climate Change  GE6P122
14 Environmental Pollution GE6P124
15 Introduction Psychology GE6P128
16 Human Behavior and Behavioral Psychology GE6P130
17 Food & Nutrition- I GE6P191
18 Human Development- I GE6P192
19 Textile and Apparel- I GE6P193
20 Indian Modern and Contemporary Art GE6P233
21 Nature Drawing (Theory/ Practical) GE6P235
22 Business Foundations GE6P291
23 Fundamentals of Enterprenurship GE6P292


BoS S. No. Course Title Type NSQF Level/S
English 5 Fundamentals of English Grammar & Vocabulary  GF/Thy 6P
7 Understanding English Literature- Poetry  GE/Thy 6P
15 fgUnh laokn dkS'ky GF/Thy 6P
16 fgUnh ukVd vkSj mldh yksd 'kSfy;k¡ GE/Thy 6P
Social Science 31 Indian Political System & Politics GE/Thy 6P
33 Gandhian Thoughts GE/Thy 6P
38 Introduction to Sociology GE/Thy 6P
40 Diversity and Social Justice GE/Thy 6P
44 Fundamentals of Microeconomics GE/Thy 6P
46 Principle of Economics GE/Thy 6P
51 Public Administration in India GE/Thy 6P
53 Local Adminstration in Rajasthan GE/Thy 6P
Commerce & Management 58 Financial Accounting GE/Practical 6P
60 GST in India GE/Practical 6P
65 Business Laws GE/Thy 6P
69 Securities Markets and Trading  GE/Thy 6P
71 Business Economics GE/Thy 6P
73 Banking &Financial Systems in India GE/Thy 6P
76 Taxation and Security Market GE/Thy 6P
78 Tourism GE/Thy 6P
Humanities & Philosophy 91 Indian Philosophy GE/Thy 6P
93 Symbolic Logic GE/Thy 6P
101 Introduction to Anthroplogy GE/Thy 6P
103 Introduction to Gender Studies GE/Thy 6P
106 Ancient Indian History GE/Thy 6P
112 Introduction to Mass Communication GE/Thy 6P
114 Copywriting GE/Thy 6P
Life Sciences 122 Enviornment, Development & Climate Change GE/Thy 6P
124 Environmental Pollution GE/Thy 6P
128 Introductory Psychology GE/Thy 6P
130 Human Behaviour & Behavioural Psychology GE/Thy 6P
135 Plant systematic and taxonomy GE/Thy 6P
137 Plant bio-chemistry and phytochemistry GE/Thy 6P
144 Zoological systematic and taxonomy GE/Thy 6P
146 Animal Physiology & Biochemistry GE/Thy 6P
Physical Sciences 151 Mechanics GE/Thy 6P
153 Waves and Optics GE/Thy 6P
154 Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism GE/Thy 6P
156 Electronic Devices and Applications GE/Thy 6P
158 Experimental Physics- Mechanical and Optical GE/Practical 6P
171 Inorganic Chemistry -I GE/Thy 6P
172 Organic Chemistry -I GE/Thy 6P
173 Physical Chemistry -I GE/Thy 6P
177 Experimental Chemistry –Inorganic GE/Practical 6P
179 Experimental Chemistry –Physical GE/Practical 6P
Home Science 191 Food and Nutrition- I GE/Thy 6P
192 Human Development- I GE/Thy 6P
193 Textile and Apparel- I GE/Thy 6P
Mathematical Sciences 201 Discrete Mathematics GE/Thy 6P
202 Calculus GE/Thy 6P
203 Analytical Geometry GE/Thy 6P
211 Probability Theory GE/Thy 6P
212 Descriptive Statistics GE/Thy 6P
Performing Arts 221 Introduction to Indian Music GE/Thy 6P
223 Introduction to Theory of Dance GE/Thy 6P
225 Harmonium Vadan Perfromance GE/Practical 6P
227 Khatak Dance Performance GE/Practical 6P
Visual Arts 231 Fundamentals of Visual Arts GE/Thy 6P
233 Indian Modern and Contemporary Art GE/Thy 6P
235 Nature Drawing GE/Practical 6P
Law 241 Constitution of India GE/Thy 6P
242 Law of Contracts GE/Thy 6P
243 Law of Torts and Easements GE/Thy 6P
Engineering 251 Introduction to Engineering GE/Thy 6P
252 Fundamentals of System Engineering GE/Thy 6P
253 Water Resource Planning and Management GE/Thy 6P
261 Mechanical  Engineering Essentials GE/Thy 6P
263 Fluid Mechanics and Machines GE/Thy 6P
267 Electrical Engineering Essentials GE/Thy 6P
268 Electrical Machines -I GE/Thy 6P
274 Electronic Devices and Circuits GE/Thy 6P
281 Computer Science Essentials for Software GE/Thy 6P
282 Operating System Fundamentals GE/Thy 6P
283 Data Structure & Algorithm GE/Thy 6P
Entrepreneurship 291 Business Foundations GE/Thy 6P
292 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship GE/Thy 6P
293 Entrepreneurial Finance,  Venture Capital and Private Equity GE/Thy 6P

Tentative List of Suggested General Courses for Fifth Semester Pavas Examination 2020

BoS S. No. Course Title Type NSQF Level/S
English 9 Understanding English Literature –Prose and Fiction GE/Thy 7P
Hindi 19 ledkyhu fgUnh lkfgR; GE/Thy 7P
301 fgUnh l`tukRed ys[ku dkS'ky GE/Thy 7P
MEL 25 French Literature Selected Readings GE/Thy 7P
Social Science 35 International Relations of India GE/Thy 7P
37 Data Analysis for Social Scientist GE/Practical 7P
42 Corporate Social Responsibilities GE/Thy 7P
48 International Economics and Trade GE/Thy 7P
54 Contemporary Indian Governance Scenario GE/Thy 7P
Commerce & Management 62 Corporate Accounting GE/Practical 7P
67 Company Law GE/Thy 7P
80 Introduction to Human Resource Management GE/Thy 7P
82 International Finance GE/Thy 7P
84 Organizational Behaviour GE/Thy 7P
86 Business Analytic Fundamentals GE/Thy 7P
88 Functional Management GE/Thy 7P
90 Enterprise Risk Management GE/Thy 7P
Humanities & Philosophy 95 Comparative Religion GE/Thy 7P
97 Professional Ethics GE/Thy 7P
99 Philosophy of Aesthetics GE/Thy 7P
104 Social Movements and Protest Politics GE/Thy 7P
108 History of Modern India GE/Thy 7P
111 History of Modern World GE/Thy 7P
116 Writing for Social Media GE/Thy 7P
118 Short Film and Video Production GE/Practical 7P
119 Effective Public Speaking GE/Thy 7P
Life Sciences 126 Origin of Life and Evolution GE/Thy 7P
132 Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work  GE/Thy 7P
139 Cell Biology and Plant Genetics GE/Thy 7P
141 Economic Botany GE/Thy 7P
143 Horticulture GE/Practical 7P
148 Molecular Biology GE/Thy 7P
150 Developmental Biology GE/Thy 7P
Physical Sciences 160 Experimental Physics- Electronic Devices and Applications GE/Practical 7P
161 Quantum Mechanics GE/Thy 7P
163 Solid-State Physics GE/Thy 7P
165 Astrophysics GE/Thy 7P
167 Modern Physics GE/Thy 7P
169 Mathematical Physics and Relativity GE/Thy 7P
181 Inorganic Chemistry -III GE/Thy 7P
182 Organic Chemistry -III GE/Thy 7P
183 Physical Chemistry -IIII GE/Thy 7P
187 Experimental Chemistry – Adv Inorganic GE/Practical 7P
189 Experimental Chemistry –Adv Physical GE/Practical 7P
Home Science 197 Life-Span Development GE/Thy 7P
199 Family and Community Nutrition GE/Thy 7P
Mathematical Sciences 207 Special Functions and Integral Transform GE/Thy 7P
208 Real Analysis GE/Thy 7P
215 Sample Surveys GE/Thy 7P
217 Statistical Modelling GE/Thy 7P
219 Statistics using Python GE/ Practical 7P
Performing Arts 229 Presentation of Ragas GE/Practical 7P
Visual Arts 237 Computer Graphic GE/Practical 7P
239 Composition with moulding and casting GE/Practical 7P
Law 247 Indian Penal Code GE/Thy 7P
249 Arbitration Law GE/Thy 7P
Engineering 257 Rural Infrastructure Planning and Management GE/Thy 7P
259 Geographical Information System GE/Thy 7P
265 Casting Forming and Welding GE/Practical 7P
271 Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation GE/Thy 7P
273 Control System GE/Thy 7P
276 Integrated Electronics GE/Thy 7P
277 Digital Signal Processing GE/Thy 7P
280 Robotics Essentials GE/Thy 7P
287 Web Development GE/Practical 7P
289 Computer Network and Security GE/Thy 7P
Entrepreneurship 297 Launching Startup  GE/Thy 7P
299 Product Management GE/Thy 7P